Start preparing for 2021. Evaluate your commerce technology NOW.

In light of global events across 2020, the need to adopt the right commerce technology has never been greater. But the IT landscape can be bewildering.

• There’s an infinite number of technology solutions

• The number of providers is exploding

• Confusing jargon, innovation at breakneck speed, and questionable claims on what can be achieved cloud decisions.

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Food for thought:
The questions you need to ask

It used to be that you deployed one technology stack to rule everything, or an eCommerce platform that stayed with you for four or five years. Today this is not the case. There is a need for greater agility to move from one system to another at speed. So how do you know what you need? Ask and answer these clarifying questions.

Why does the business need to rethink their tech stack - what are the challenges? 

What long-term goals is the business trying to achieve?

What should the organization prioritize?

Which business functions would benefit most from new technology?

How can you apply technology to improve customer experience?

How can commerce tech support the end-to-end processes in our business?

“Legacy systems and the technical debt that they incur is like a tax. It’s a tax on agility, productivity, and adaptability, building up over time. We spend a lot of time helping companies address this issue.”

Peak Season 2020

- Alexandra Wood, Director of Solutions, LiveArea 

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