Building Retail Agility

No industry has been left untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic — a crisis that emerged with little warning, throwing business plans into disarray. Thrust onto the backfoot, companies have had to react or face ruin.

To better understand the retail industry’s approach to innovation, LiveArea, a Merkle Company surveyed retail decision makers across three regions: the UK, the USA, and the Netherlands, to explore the drivers, priorities, and investment needs of their company’s particular approach to innovation.

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The Results

While we found a significant proportion of retailers to be paralyzed by fear of failure, the vast majority recognize the value of innovating and being proactive.

More than two-thirds of businesses say innovation has become a high priority since the pandemic

A high percentage of retail leaders say their teams have become quicker at making decisions

More than half of businesses have increased the amount they spend on digital technology

LiveArea Research Report

“Innovation by definition is change, and typically, we hate change. The best place to start your innovation journey is to look for customer pain points or unmet needs."

– Samantha Mansfield, Head of Strategy EMEA, LiveArea, a Merkle Company

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