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Ask the Experts:

Navigating the Customer Data Journey

 – Tools, Technology and Where to Focus

The value of customer data is limitless – when you know how to use it. Consider this: Analysis from Forrester says advanced insights-driven businesses are 2.8x more likely to report double-digit year over year growth.

When applied intelligently, data informs customer experiences, powers omni-channel interactions and drives personalized marketing. But where do you start on this journey? What tools should you leverage? With a growing ecosystem of platforms, the market is more complex than ever.

Join us for this on-demand webinar as we explore data analytics, best-in-class tools, best practices and what to consider when building and growing your data teams.

Get answers.

Here are some questions we’ll address in our 30-minute, prerecorded webinar: 

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Can I integrate CRM data and data management platform?

What value do you see using a customer data platform (CDP)?

How do I enable my team outside of marketing to think about the importance of data?

What framework should we use to analyze data?

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Our speakers.

Courtney Hedges | Area Vice President Digital Marketing, LiveArea

Courtney partners with clients to build strategies and marketing plan across all digital channels. She has extensive marketing expertise driving programs across fashion and retail, consumer packaged goods, and health and beauty, that focus on customer acquisition, retention and engagement. Based in our Allen office headquarters, Courtney oversees the Digital Marketing practice, which includes marketing strategy, paid media, SEO, email marketing, storefront merchandising and analytics.

John Kalinoski | Director of Digital Analytics and Data Science, LiveArea

John is the Digital Analytics & Insights practice lead at LiveArea. Since 2004, he has been helping clients grow their businesses by leveraging data to make informed decisions. In addition to driving strategy, John also enjoys the technical side of analytics. He has a passion for designing and developing implementation plans and processes needed to generate actionable data and business insights for his clients.

David Campanella | Digital Analytics Manager, LiveArea

David has specialized in digital analysis, reporting, and technical implementation for LiveArea for the past 6 years. His biggest passion is consumer behavior and finding ways to create meaningful brand experiences that connect the consumer to your company.

LiveArea is a full-service, award-winning global customer experience and commerce agency. We bring together a broad portfolio of services for end-to-end solutions – from data-driven marketing and omni-channel experience design through technology selection and platform implementation, fulfillment, customer care, and orchestrated services, the next evolution of managed services. Clients cover a variety of verticals, including health and beauty; fashion and apparel; luxury; consumer packaged goods, retail; automotive; and business to business.

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