Preparing for Peak Season in a Year of Deep Disruption

This year’s holiday season is going to be the most unpredictable peak season we have known. Uncertainties abound around lockdown measures, consumer confidence, and wider economic concerns remain.

What is certain is that the holidays will happen, in some form. So, businesses need to prepare. Fortunately, there are certain measures brands can take to ensure they meet the expectations of customers during this vital time.

To help with this preparation, LiveArea has compiled these Top 5 Predictions: Preparing for Peak Season in a Year of Deep Disruption.

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Tips to Prepare for Peak.

Expect the migration to the online channel and plan for it. Anticipate an earlier start for online shopping this year.

Notify your customers about what’s in stock, peak delivery times, returns policies, and any BOPIS or curbside safety regulations.

Create customer segments – demographics, product preferences, preferred communication channels, spending power – to target customers with specific products, and raise AOV.

Be agile, don’t rely on previous years’ campaigns.

Consider contact-free fulfillment in stores, including curbside pickup and Scan & Go. Enable research tools that will bring shoppers to stores, but make sure inventory data is transparent and accurate.

Peak Season 2020

Offering alternative fulfillment options this year will be more vital than ever. Brands offering pickup — curbside, in-store, drive-through — are estimated to see a 90% increase in digital sales compared to the previous holiday season.

Peak Season 2020

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