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Progressive Web Apps

Making sense of the app-less app revolution

PWAs are the next generation of applications, combining the best of web and mobile apps. Those who have built them, worked with them, and seen customers adopt them realize they are the future -- a gamechanger that could entirely change the way companies interact with consumers across the globe.

But what is a progressive web app? What are the benefits? Will PWAs kill native apps? Are they a universal solution for all? Get answers to these and other questions in this 360-degree view of PWAs.

If you are a marketer or commerce executive learn why PWAs represent the next level of customer engagement. And, if you’re a developer, explore the challenges and opportunities around implementing PWAs.

PWAs have the potential to reduce the burden of maintaining both a mobile website and a mobile app. They are coalesced in one entity.

Is it time to abandon app stores? It just might be.

Factors driving PWA adoption.

Progressive Web Apps

You don’t need a store to serve up PWAs, you just need a webpage. Once a PWA is designed it’s uploaded straight to a web server like any other web app. Users can begin to interact with it as soon as they visit the website. Other factors driving adoption include:

  • App fatigue and increased visibility
  • Ability to deliver a consistent, seamless experience across a wide range of connectivity scenarios
  • Faster time to market
  • Direct correlation between page load time and customer engagement, conversion, and loyalty
  • Push notifications and the ability to engage with customers in new ways
  • Reduced cost of ownership since there is one application and one team across a majority of the channels

The results of upgrading to a PWA

Take the Tinder Android App. It’s 30 megabytes (MBs), the PWA version is less than three MBs. Pinterest’s is only 150 kilobytes as a PWA, while on iOS it is as much as 56 MBs.

George, a UK clothing brand that is part of ASDA Walmart, saw a 31% increase in conversion on its mobile site after upgrading to a PWA, and that is not all.


Faster average page load time


 Lower bounce rate


Increase in conversion rate


More page views per visit


Longer average time on site for visits from the home screen

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