Recalibrating Luxury for the Digital Age

Elegance, exclusivity and engagement in an ever-changing world.

Luxury sales are now supercharged by digitally savvy, younger, wealthy shoppers. Delivering timeless merchandise and in a timely manner, though, is a delicate balance, and the sector has taken its time to fully adopt digital – seeking to preserve allure and exclusivity. But digital and distinctive aren’t mutually exclusive – or they don’t have to be.

Find out how to bring luxury into the digital age – and why heritage luxury brands are rethinking their business models.

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Digital luxury trends

The rise of social selling

The “C2C” economy

eCommerce live streaming

New collaborations

Covid-secure services

Augmented reality

“We believe blending technology and human touch and this personal one-to-one is going to be the differential factor for us.”

- Marco Bizzarri, CEO of Gucci 

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