Selling Direct to Consumer:

The End-to-End Playbook

Selling direct to consumer

How to succeed, grow, and deliver elevated experiences at every stage of the customer journey

A D2C channel is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’. It’s an increasingly vital route to market, where technology, data, and customer experience are leading differentiators for brands.

So, how do you pivot to this model? What do you need to consider to be successful across every point of the customer journey? Which areas do you need help with?

This playbook breaks down the D2C customer journey end-to-end, helping brands introduce new D2C sales channels, or accelerate the growth of existing D2C operations.

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The End-to-End D2C Experience

As a full end-to-end commerce agency, LiveArea has the expertise to understand every point of the customer journey, and help brands unlock new revenue streams and scalable growth.

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Selling Direct to Consumer

73% of consumers that used D2C ecommerce during the COVID-19 pandemic plan to continue post-pandemic.

- McKinsey & Company

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LiveArea is a global customer experience and commerce agency. We bring together world-class commerce technology to elevate customer relationships – online and in-store. Services include product innovation, connected commerce, service design, performance marketing, and orchestrated services. B2B, B2C, and D2C solutions are delivered to clients in health and beauty, fashion and apparel, luxury, consumer packaged goods, retail stores, healthcare, and automotive.

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