Selling into Disruption:
Bold Moves In Turbulent Times

What does retail look like in a post-pandemic world? How will shopping change – and what bold moves can brands make to get ahead of disruption in a socially distant world? While every retail sector is transforming, two are particularly vulnerable: Health and beauty along with fashion and apparel. 

Get insights into how shopping is changing in these sectors and what four pillars will support transformation. Are personalisation, trust, data and mobile the antidotes that brands need? Find out from LiveArea customer experience and commerce strategy experts.  

Get answers.


Integrate sales, return and usage data to minimize waste.


Address these three areas: Help me, reassure me, inspire me.


Knowing your customers will be more important than ever.


Online trust is centered around seamless, reliable, secure interactions.

Our speakers.

Chris Hogue | Vice President of Strategy & Products at LiveArea 

Chris Hogue, vice president of Strategy & Products at LiveArea, has more than 20 years of experience launching innovative digital solutions and services. He works closely with B2B brands on expanding their capabilities in new ways. Before joining LiveArea, Chris was head of strategic initiatives at Isobar where he led the development of a new data platform, optimizing campaigns and user experiences and combining behavioral and emotional data. 

Elliott Jacobs | Director of Agency & Commerce Consulting at LiveArea EMEA

Elliott Jacobs is an experienced global commerce and multi-channel retail professional, specializing in helping B2C and B2B companies achieve measurable success by reviewing current strategies and processes, and identifying and capitalizing upon emerging digital opportunities. 

LiveArea is a full-service, award-winning global customer experience and commerce agency. We bring together a broad portfolio of services for end-to-end solutions – from data-driven marketing and omni-channel experience design through technology selection and platform implementation, fulfillment, customer care, and orchestrated services, the next evolution of managed services. Clients cover a variety of verticals, including health and beauty; fashion and apparel; luxury; consumer packaged goods, retail; automotive; and business to business.

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