The Analytics Dividend: Ask The Experts

Analytics is the foundation of any successful digital strategy. The data points you collect and the customer insights you apply can yield valuable dividends.

Effective tagging is essential to capturing and accessing customer insights. Investing in the right analytics technology is critical, too, along with going to market with a cohesive, high-performance digital strategy.

Getting analytics correct calls for answers, so LiveArea will be answering all of your questions in our on-demand webcast, The Analytics Dividend: Ask The Experts.

LiveArea's Analytics team is expert in tagging, auditing and implementing Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics across various tag management systems. The team works with leading brands to help better understand customer data while making actionable recommendations to deliver personalized customer interactions, strong sales and a clear view of campaign and channel performance.

Get answers.

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Why do my analytics platform and OMS sales and orders not match? What’s a tolerable variance level for my business?

How do I audit and ensure campaign tagging is correct? Can I fix my historic data?

Why does my analytics platform vary so much on sales and attribution against paid search and social tools?

When does it make sense to move to a paid analytics platform?

How can I integrate my analytics data with other marketing tools?

Our speakers.

Courtney Hedges | Area Vice President Digital Marketing, LiveArea

Courtney partners with clients to build strategies and marketing plan across all digital channels. She has extensive marketing expertise driving programs across fashion and retail, consumer packaged goods, and health and beauty, that focus on customer acquisition, retention and engagement. Based in our Allen office headquarters, Courtney oversees the Digital Marketing practice, which includes marketing strategy, paid media, SEO, email marketing, storefront merchandising and analytics.

John Kalinoski | Director of Digital Analytics and Data Science, LiveArea

John is the Digital Analytics & Insights practice lead at LiveArea. Since 2004, he has been helping clients grow their businesses by leveraging data to make informed decisions. In addition to driving strategy, John also enjoys the technical side of analytics. He has a passion for designing and developing implementation plans and processes needed to generate actionable data and business insights for his clients.

Megan Ledger | Digital Analytics Manager, LiveArea

Megan is a Digital Analytics Manager at LiveArea. She has spent 15 years leveraging insights and digital expertise to help clients improve digital experiences and optimize marketing spend. These days she is involved in several areas of analytics strategy, from designing technical implementations to deep dive analyses and developing measurement models.

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